halloween-safetyHalloween costumes can be a lot of fun and following a few simple tips will ensure that you and your little goblins and ghouls enjoy a safe Halloween.

Avoid wearing non-prescribed “costume” or decorative contact lenses purchased from unlicensed outlets such as costume shops, party stores or beauty supply stores. These lenses may contain toxic materials that can be harmful to your eyes. Remember, a simple visit to your eye doctor for a fitting and for information on what safe options are available to you will keep your eyes healthy and help you avoid risks like infection, eye damage, and even vision loss – things that are truly frightening!

Use face paint and make-up that is approved by the FDA. Sweat or water can cause some paint or make-up to drip into the eyes and cause irritation. Try to avoid applying paint near the eyes. If you are applying make-up near the eyes, use products approved for use in that area. Using make-up remover or cold cream instead of soap and water is a better way to remove paint and make-up. If paint or make-up gets into the eye, flush with cool water. See an eye care professional if redness or irritation persists as soon as possible.

Although costume accessories like swords and wands complete a costume, they can often cause more harm than good. With all the hustle and bustle of collecting candy amongst swarms of other children, kids can become less aware of their surroundings. Serious eye injuries can occur if another child is hit in the eye with these objects. Try securing their accessories to their waist with a belt or opt for soft, flexible materials instead!