External and Retinal photography

In bringing the most advanced technology available to our patients, our optometrists recommend retinal photos as an integral part of your eye exam. A retinal photo is a permanent record for your medical file, enabling our eye doctors to make important comparisons if potential problems show themselves at a future examination.



Scared of the puff of air? Enclave Vision Associates accurately assesses your eye’s pressure without need for the puff of air!

Automated refraction system

Enclave Vision Associates offers the latest generation of electronic refraction technology. Our system almost completely eliminates the need to answer, “Which is better – one or two?”

Visual field testing

Visual field testing assesses the degree of peripheral vision of each eye. Visual field testing is the standard of care to diagnose glaucoma and is utilized to monitor the effects of some high-risk medications. Testing may even detect health-threatening conditions such as aneurysms and tumors. Additionally, it is also important to evaluate any changes in peripheral vision following stroke or brain injury.