Enclave Vision Associates strives to offer only the latest technology available for our patients. Not only do we use the latest equipment while examining your eyes, we offer the best lenses as well! We are excited to offer the new Varilux S Series progressive lenses from Essilor! For the first time, lenses are customized to the wearer and the result is never before achieved accuracy and comfort.

The Varilux S Series lenses feature a cutting edge design, innovative technology and a unique manufacturing process that promises the wearer a faster visual reaction time, expansive vision, stability in motion, guaranteed performance and instant adaptation. Have you worn progressives before and hated them? Are you wearing progressives now and you feel like they could perform better? The Varilux S Series has you covered!

Learn more here http://sseries.variluxusa.com/Pages/default.aspx and ask us about the new Varilux S Series when you come in for your next appointment!